Coffee, zombies and discrimination

Once upon a time, in a land overrun by zombies, there was a zombie named Bob. Bob was just like any other zombie, except for one thing: he was absolutely obsessed with his morning cup of coffee.

Every day, Bob would rise from the dead and shuffle to his local coffee shop, where he would groan in excitement at the smell of freshly brewed beans. He would then proceed to order the largest cup of coffee they had, and would chug it down in one gulp.

One day, Bob woke up to find that the shop didn’t serve zombies anymore. The new owner of the shop, a human named Sarah, had a strict policy of not serving zombies. She believed that zombies were dirty and dangerous, and she didn’t want them in her shop. Bob was beside himself with despair, and couldn’t imagine starting his day without his beloved cup of joe. He felt like a real zombie without it.

Determined to never let this happen again, Bob decided to take matters into his own hands. He set out to find the ultimate source of coffee, and after a long search, he discovered a secret coffee plantation hidden deep in the jungle.

Bob was overjoyed and immediately set to work, picking and roasting the beans himself. He even created his own unique blend, which he called “Zombie’s Roast.” Bob’s plan to distribute coffee for free to all the zombies had a profound impact on the zombies. The once-mindless creatures were now fully caffeinated and the remaining human population had no chance against the horde.

The moral of the story is that discrimination never pays off. It not only harms the excluded group but also causes harm to the discriminator. It’s important to treat everyone with respect and kindness, regardless of their differences.

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